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Frode Sørensen
In 2015 we experienced a great breakthrough in the net neutrality developments in Europe. Late November, European net neutrality rules were published in the Official Journal, after a long and winding legislative process. Furthermore, BEREC is now tasked to develop guidelines for the implementation of these rules, and an initial step of this work is taking place today.
The Nordic regulators for electronic communications have prepared a common position on the Digital Single Market Strategy, which the European Commission published in May this year and is currently actively consulting on it.
Mal "frekvens"
Norwegian and Russian authorities have negotiated an agreement on the use of frequencies in the border areas between Norway and Russia. The aim is to ensure the most efficient use of resources and good services for users in the border areas.
The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has conducted a public consultation on the proposed auction rules for the upcoming auction of the 1800 MHz band. On the basis of the responses received, Nkom has updated and published the final auction rules. According to the preliminary timeline the auction will start Monday 9 November.
The net neutrality debate in Europe is stalled by a serious confusion about the distinction between the open Internet and other IP-based services provided outside the Internet. This has evolved into a word game which obstructs a constructive discourse about one of today’s most important questions for the modern society. On 5th June this topic is up for discussion at the net neutrality panel at the EuroDIG 2015 conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Bildet av Tryvannstårnet.
The Nordic communications regulators have agreed to formalise their co-operation at the Nordic level and to have a rotating chairmanship on an annual basis. The chairmanship for this year is held by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority FICORA with its Director General Ms Asta Sihvonen-Punkka.