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Frode Sørensen
Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) congratulates Europe with a step in the right direction regarding protection of net neutrality for users of the Internet. The vote in the European Parliament Thursday 3 April 2014 showed a great enthusiasm for the open Internet, and so did many of the activities influencing the political process prior to the decision in the Parliament.
Frode Sørensen 2
This is a burning question of the day, both in Norway and abroad. The debate in the US is naturally best known, and is often linked to the question of net neutrality. But Netflix is a hot potato in Norway too. It may be useful to clarify further the concepts related to net neutrality.
Frode Sørensen 2
A repetitive theme in the media and at conferences in these "everyone is always online" times is how the growth in traffic on the Internet should be managed. The type of charging model that should apply is an equally obvious part of the debate. Net neutrality is often put forward as an important element in these discussions. So, what does the "Norwegian model" actually say about net neutrality when considering these issues?
Bilde av et tastatur med fokus på @-tegnet.
The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority concludes in the report “Content Delivery Networks – regulatory assessment” that there are no regulatory needs associated with the CDN marked at the time being. The report is a follow-up of the report “The changing Internet” from 2011.