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The net neutrality debate in Europe is stalled by a serious confusion about the distinction between the open Internet and other IP-based services provided outside the Internet. This has evolved into a word game which obstructs a constructive discourse about one of today’s most important questions for the modern society. On 5th June this topic is up for discussion at the net neutrality panel at the EuroDIG 2015 conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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The Nordic communications regulators have agreed to formalise their co-operation at the Nordic level and to have a rotating chairmanship on an annual basis. The chairmanship for this year is held by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority FICORA with its Director General Ms Asta Sihvonen-Punkka.
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Our society is becoming increasingly dependent of a stable, reliable and secure electronic communications value chain. A growing number of basic functions in all sectors of society such as electricity supply, water, health care, transport, finance, etc. require that the networks, services and equipment work everywhere – and at all times. These changes challenge the traditional way the Norwegian Communications Authority supervise providers of electronic services, how frequencies, IP-addresses and numbering resources are managed and how to collaborate across different sectors. Summer 2014, the Norwegian Communication Authority (former Norwegian Post- and Telecommunications Authority) published a report discussing these challenges. A summery is given below.
Now that the FCC has published the US net neutrality rules, and the political institutions in EU are struggling to reach a compromise, it is interesting to compare the two approaches on the different sides of the Atlantic. At the same time, on 22 April the SMART Workshop with a net neutrality panel was organized in Barcelona, where these two approached was discussed between Scott Jordan (FCC) and Frode Sørensen (Nkom). This article presents a brief overview of some thoughts seen from the Norwegian side.
Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) publishes the draft auction rules for the auction of 2 x 15 MHz in the 1800 MHz band. Deadline for the receipt of comments on the proposed rules is 1 June 2015.
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In collaboration with NTV, NRK, RiksTV and Norkring, the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has prepared a report examining the technical consequences for the digital terrestrial television network if the 700 MHz band (694-790 MHz) is being assigned to mobile services in the future. In addition, on commission from Nkom, Nexia AS has prepared a report estimating the costs of five different technical scenarios for the digital terrestrial television network.