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The Norwegian 700 MHz auction

On 8 December 2017 the Norwegian government decided that 2 x 30 MHz in the 700 MHz band shall be made available for commercial operators. The decision is in accordance with the Norwegian Communications Authority's (Nkom) recommendation to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the joint recommendation from the Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) and Nkom that the next-generation emergency communications network should be realized within commercial networks. Nkom will now continue with preparations towards the assignment of the 700 MHz band.

First, Nkom will prepare the overall framework of the award for public consultation. This will include, among other things; Auction format, use of spectrum caps and reserve prices. The overall framework is planned to be finalized within the first half of 2018,

In the second half of 2018 Nkom plans to conduct a public consultation of the detailed rules for the award. The preparation of the detailed rules, including the consultation period should take five to six months. The award can commence after two or three months of preparations, after the detailed rules are finalized.

An auction of this magnitude demand thorough and transparent processes where all interested parties are consulted. The different stages of the process will provide interested parties reasonable time to respond to the consultations, and time for the Communications Authorities to determine the final framework for the award.

- We have already prepared what we can while awaiting the government's decision, regardless of what that would be, by entering into contracts with consultants and so on. Auctions of this magnitude are very complex and I look forward to this important award in a little more than a year, says Elisabeth Aarsæther, Director General of Nkom.

Nkom will publish a more detailed time schedule for the award as soon as possible.

Information about the award process is available on Nkom's webpages.