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Public consultation on framework for auction in the 1800 MHz band

The spectrum to be sold in the auction is the unsold spectrum from the multiband auction in December 2013. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) now consults the market on the framework of the auction. The deadline for submitting responses is 2 May 2014.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (The Ministry) has decided that the frequencies 1710-1725 MHz/ 1805-1820 MHz (2 x 15 MHz) shall be awarded by auction. The Ministry has tasked NPT to prepare and conduct the auction cf. letter from the Ministry dated 28 Mars 2014 (in Norwegian only).

NPT presents the overall framework for the auction in the consultation document (in Norwegian only). With regards to the auction format and rules for assignment of specific blocks, NPT presents several proposals. NPT invites all interested parties to comment on these proposals before the draft auction rules are prepared. A full set of draft auction rules and a timetable for the award will be presented for public consultation later.

About the consultation

All interested parties are invited to submit their comments on the proposals prepared by NPT.

Consultation responses can be sent by e-mail to firmapost@npt.no with cc to rwh@npt.no. Responses must be within the deadline Friday 2 May 2014. NPT will publish the consultation responses. Respondents are therefore asked to formulate responses in a manner that may be published publicly. That is, any confidential material in a response should be marked clearly as confidential.

All documents are available here (in Norwegian only)