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NPT chairs international numbering group

Senior Adviser Johannes Vallesverd of the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) will be chairing the European Communications Committee’s Working Group Numbering and Networks. Mr. Vallesverd has previously chaired Project Team Number Portability, a subgroup of WG NaN. Mr. Vallesverd has also chaired the Norwegian Working Group on Numbering, which is a voluntary forum for relevant stakeholders in the electronic communications industry and NPT.

The Working Group Numbering and Networks (WG NaN) is part of the European Communications Committee (ECC), which includes authorities from 48 European countries. ECC was established in 2001 and develops reports, recommendations and decisions within areas such as the radio spectrum, numbers and networks. The Secretariat of the ECC is located in Copenhagen. ECC is part of CEPT (the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations). The organisation is not an EU agency, although the Commission consults the group regarding relevant issues and participates in meetings when necessary.

The group to be led by Mr. Vallesverd covers numbering, naming and addressing, emergency calls and regulatory and network-related subjects. These are all linked to NPT’s purpose description as described in Section 1-1 of the Norwegian Electronic Communications Act and detailed provisions.

The WG NaN has subgroups that prepare reports, decisions and recommendations for processing by the main group.
The subgroups are:

  • PT FNI – Future of Numbering Issues: Mobile Network Codes, Extra Territorial Use of Numbers, SIM Address Issues, A-number display, etc.
  • PT NP – Number Portability: Porting Cancellations, Service Portability, CLI-porting, Efficiency of Porting Processes, Third-party access to CRDB info, etc.PT ES – Emergency Services: Accuracy and Reliability of Caller Location Information, VoIP themes, eCall, etc.
  • PT TRIS – Infrastructure Mapping, Quality of Service, etc.

- I am delighted to have the opportunity to build on the good work already done in WG NaN. The experts in WG NaN and its project teams provide an invaluable service to Administrations throughout Europe. As technology continues to evolve, new technical regulatory solutions in the area of numbering and networks will be required to further the regulatory objectives of innovation, competition and consumer protection. Problems and solutions are international by nature and close international cooperation and a harmonised approach is essential,” says Vallesverd.

Johannes Vallesverd is a law graduate from the University of Oslo and has worked for NPT since 2006. He has been appointed as Chairman the Working Group Numbering and Networks for three years.

Mr. Johannes Vallesverd was appointed at the 35th ECC meeting in Berlin, Germany, on 6 November 2013. Ms. Hege Johnson, also of NPT, will join Johannes as the new secretary of WG NaN.