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Final auction rules for the 1800 MHz auction

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has conducted a public consultation on the proposed auction rules for the upcoming auction of the 1800 MHz band. On the basis of the responses received, Nkom has updated and published the final auction rules. According to the preliminary timeline the auction will start Monday 9 November.

A document with Nkom’s assessments of the consultation is now available and can be found here (in Norwegian only).

Nkom would like to emphasize one specific change in the auction rules: Bidders can set a valuation for any combination of frequency blocks, which is different for the valuation a bidder would have for the sum of individual frequency blocks. The change is implemented to take into account what is known as complementary values.


Registration for the auction is planned to start 1 October 2015. The detailed procedure for registration is explained in the auction rules which are available at the auction webpage. The registration deadline will be 26 October 2015, 15:00.