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Director General of Nkom is changing position

The Director General of the Norwegian Communications Authority, Torstein Olsen, has resigned from his position as Nkom's chief executive and will continue as an Specialists Director.

Torstein Olsen was appointed as the Director General of the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, as Nkom was called back then, in 2011. He came from the position as head of the Service Markets Department and has held senior positions in the Authority for a total of 20 years. Under Olsen's leadership, the organisation changed its name to the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) in 2015.

"There is a time for everything, and this autumn I will turn 62. After six years in senior management, I would like to return to working on the nuts and bolts of the major, heavy technical processes in increasingly demanding markets," says Olsen.

Olsen has been Director General in a period in which society has become entirely dependent on electronic communications in times of peace, crisis and war. The market situation in Norway and for international traffic has also changed drastically in this period – and continues to do so. All this requires an independent authority that at the same time collaborates closely with the industry.

"Being Director General of Nkom is an incredibly interesting and demanding position. Now I am looking forward to contributing on the more technical level, which is where my ambitions lie," he says.

Torstein Olsen will remain in the position of Director General until the Ministry of Transport and Communications has appointed a new chief executive of Nkom.