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Consultation on overall framework for the 900 MHz auction

Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) consults the market on the overall framework for the 900 MHz auction. The deadline for submitting responses is 10 August 2015.

There is in total 2 x 20 MHz available spectrum in the auction, which is scheduled for summer 2016.

Nkom has prepared a draft overall framework (in Norwegian only) for the auction including suggestions for spectrum cap, auction format and reserve price.

The overall objectives of this auction are to achieve an efficient outcome while also achieving a revenue that reflects the spectrum's market value. Nkom is of the opinion that these objectives can best be achieved by using an auction format like open multiround auction with a spectrum cap of 2 x 20 MHz (incl. existing holdings) and a reserve price of NOK 140 million per 5MHz frequency block. Nkom is also of the opinion that it is important to ensure that all license holders in the band are allocated contiguous spectrum.

Consultation responses can be submitted in Norwegian or English to 900mhz-auksjon@nkom.no with cc to rwh@nkom.no no later than 10 August 2015. The final overall framework will be decided after the consultation and will according to plan be published mid October 2015. The preliminary timeline for the auction is available on the auction webpage.