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Auction rules for the 2 GHz auction

Draft Auction Rules are now finalised and NPT asks for comments. The period for registration as bidder in the auction has also started. Deadline for comments and for registration in the auction is 22 October 2012, 15.00 CET.

Registration and public consultation

The draft auction rules contain provisions on how to register as bidder in the auction. Deadline for registration is 22 October 2012, 15.00 CET. I the same process NPT consults on the draft auction rules. The same deadline applies for both registration and consultation.

NPT will not publish the answers in the public consultation due to risk of public disclosure of how many bidders there will be in the auction and the identity of the bidders. NPT will assess whether the consultation answers can be published after the auction has ended.

Spectrum cap

The draft auction rules contain provisions on how many frequency blocks each bidder is allowed to bid for in the auction. NPT's reasoning for using a spectrum cap is given in a separate document which also is part of the consultation. This document is available in Norwegian only.

Adjustment to the time schedule

12 September 2012 NPT published a tentative time schedule for the auction process. To give some extra time to process the inputs from the consultation we need to slightly shorten the time period for registration and consultation. Instead of 26 October, the deadline is now 22 October. Except this there are no changes to the time schedule. NPT underlines that the schedule is tentative and changes may be necessary at a later stage. Possible changes will be published on the auction web page.