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Public consultation regarding frequencies for mobile communication and 5G

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) are going to assign considerable amounts of frequency resources for mobile communication and 5G in the next few years. This will be decisive for an early introduction of 5G in Norway. Nkom now wants input on central issues to the awards. The deadline for giving input is Tuesday 27 August 2019.


Norway wants an early introduction of 5G, and access to this spectrum is an important part of this process. The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has recently conducted an auction of the 700 MHz band that has been identified as one of the pioneer bands1 for 5G. Over the next few years Nkom will assign more frequency resources and the next award are planned for 2021. These are frequency resources that will be decisive for the introduction of 5G in Norway.

Nkom has already made initial assessments regarding some central issues, like which spectrum bands that should be assigned and how the awards should be conducted, among other things. Nkom wants input on our initial assessments and is therefore conducting this public consultation. We would like a greater insight into stakeholders’ current and furture need for spectrum. Nkom also wants general input that Nkom should take into account in the preparations of the awards.

The consultation document containing Nkom’s initial assessments for spectrum for mobile communication and 5G2.

About the consultation

Please send your input regarding this consultation by e-mail to firmapost@nkom.no with a copy to avi@nkom.no by Tuesday 27 August 2019. Please enter as the subject of the e-mail "Consultation about frequency resources for mobile communication and 5G".

Consultation responses will be published on Nkom’s website. Interested parties must therefore formulate the answers so that they can be published. If the response to the consultation contains sensitive information, such as trade secrets, the whole or part of the document may be exempted from public disclosure, cf. the Freedom of Information Act and the Public Administration Act. To the extent that a consultation response might contain information that the addressee wish to be exempted from public disclosure, Nkom asks that this is clearly stated and justified.

Nkom also wishes to offer interested stakeholders the opportunity to present their views on the topics presented in this consultation and any other topics that can be related to future awards of spectrum for mobile communications and 5G, in a meeting with Nkom. Meetings will take place during the period September/October 2019. Interested parties can contact Anja Vimme Skadal (avi@nkom.no / 47477777).

1) The frequency bands 700 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz and 26 GHz are identified by the EU as the main bands for early introduction of 5G, so-called pioneer bands.
2) Nkom published the consultation document in Norwegian only 18 June 2019. Due to inquiries for an English version, Nkom have decided to publish a translated version of the document.