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TC ERM (Technical Committee EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters) ETSI ERM is a "horisontal" technical committee that is responsible for the standardization of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio spectrum matters on behalf of all other technical bodies of ETSI. This committee deals with all ETSI Harmonised Standards related to the EMC Directive and article 3.1b and 3.2 of the R&TTE/RED Directive.

TC ERM is responsible for co-operation with the European Communications Committee (ECC) to secure appropriate spectrum allocations in the CEPT countries for standardised systems, in order to ensure co-existence between different communications systems standardised by ETSI.

TC ERM has a number of tasks related to particular issues, like: aeronautical radio, maritime radio, land-mobile radio, generic short-range devices, Ultra Wide Band for telecommunications and radiolocations activities, RF Identification Devices, radars, wireless medical devices, broadcast, Radio Site Engineering and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Details about TC ERM work can be found on http://www.etsi.org/


Contact person in Nkom:
Senior Engineer Gordana Lunestad, tel. +47 22 82 46 82, gol@nkom.no