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Upcoming events

The calendar shows events and meetings organized by Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom). In addition, it shows a selection of meetings where Nkom staff participate, for example in international organizations.
20/02/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
21/02/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
22/02/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
23/02/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
27/02/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
28/02/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
01/03/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
02/03/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
14/03/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
15/03/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
20/03/2018RED ADCO meeting
21/03/2018RED ADCO meeting
22/03/2018RED ADCO meeting
16/04/2018Meeting UPU CA / POCBern, Sveits
17/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
18/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
19/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
20/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
21/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
22/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
23/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
23/04/2018WG Spectrum Engineering MeetingEngland
24/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
24/04/2018WG Spectrum Engineering MeetingEngland
25/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
25/04/2018WG Spectrum Engineering MeetingEngland
26/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
26/04/2018WG Spectrum Engineering MeetingEngland
27/04/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
27/04/2018WG Spectrum Engineering MeetingEngland
14/05/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
15/05/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
15/05/2018Contact Network meeting ERGP (The European Regulators Group for Postal Services) Portugal
16/05/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
17/05/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
18/05/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
04/06/2018Postal Directive Committee (PDC) Belgia
05/06/2018RSPG Meeting
05/06/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
06/06/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
07/06/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
08/06/2018Plenary meeting CEN/TC 331
08/06/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
03/07/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
04/07/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
05/07/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
06/07/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
11/07/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
12/07/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
02/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
03/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
04/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
05/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
06/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
07/09/2018Extraordinary congress UPU
10/09/2018WG Spectrum Engineering Meeting
11/09/2018WG Spectrum Engineering Meeting
12/09/2018WG Spectrum Engineering Meeting
13/09/2018WG Spectrum Engineering Meeting
14/09/2018WG Spectrum Engineering Meeting
24/09/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
25/09/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
26/09/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
27/09/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
28/09/2018Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM)
03/10/2018RSPG Meeting
09/10/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
10/10/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
11/10/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
12/10/2018ETSI TC ERM Meeting
16/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
17/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
17/10/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
18/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
18/10/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
19/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
20/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
21/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
22/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
23/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
23/10/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
24/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
24/10/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
25/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
25/10/2018Contact Network meeting ERGP (The European Regulators Group for Postal Services) England
25/10/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
26/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
26/10/2018ECC Plenary Meeting
26/10/2018Contact Network meeting ERGP (The European Regulators Group for Postal Services) England
27/10/2018Meeting UPU CA/POCBern, Sveits
27/11/2018ERGP Plenary meeting (The European Regulators Group for Postal Services)
28/11/2018ERGP Plenary meeting (The European Regulators Group for Postal Services)
05/12/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
06/12/2018Meeting in Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)
07/12/2018Plenary meeting CEN/TC 331Sverige