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The self-declaration model

The voluntary self-declaration scheme for certification authorities has the objective of strengthening the level of security and trust in certificate services and thereby contribute to an increase in the use of electronic IDs and electronic signatures. Therefore, the scheme also includes certificates with different security levels to those which apply for qualified certificates.

The self-declaration scheme entails that providers send a notice of registration, a ("self-declaration"), to the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) in which it is declared that the certificate type which is offered complies with the specifically stated requirements that are found in the applicable version of the "Requirement Specification for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the Public Sector".

The scheme was established in accordance with Regulations no. 1296 of 21 November 2005 relating to voluntary self-declaration schemes. The Regulations are specified pursuant to Section 16a of the Electronic Signatures Act.
The Nkom functions as the supervisory body for the scheme and publishes a list of self-declared certification authorities with information about the types of certificates the certification authorities have self-declared.

In the event of deviations from the "Requirement Specification for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the Public Sector", the Nkom can request that certification authorities submit additional documentation and/or request that an audit is conducted by an independent third party. The Authority can also refuse publication and later remove self-declared certification authorities from the list.

The consequences of a self-declaration and the area of use these certificates can have are not stated in the regulations. This entails that the consequences will be stated in other sets of rules (or other systems of agreements) which will then have a reference to the self-declaration scheme. Such a connection is found in Section 27, fourth paragraph of Regulations no. 988 of 25 June 2004 relating to electronic communication with and within the Public Administration (eGovernment Regulations).