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Requirements for Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and safety in electronic communications networks

For electronic communications networks (ecom networks), requirements for EMC and electronic safety are set in order to apply certain standards for the construction of networks and requirements are also set for the installing operation's expertise. Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) monitors compliance with the requirements.

Requirements are presently set for electronic communications networks, including requirements regarding execution, documentation and safety. It stipulates in Section 2-3 of the Electronic Communications Act that there are requirements for electronic communications networks and services, associated equipment, installations and the use of standards to ensure interoperability between networks and services, quality, efficient utilisation of capacity on networks that are used by more than one provider and to protect life and health or avoid harmful interference.

The specific requirements that must be set for the electronic communications network are stipulated in more detail by other provisions in the Electronic Communications Act, Electronic Safety Regulations, Ecom Regulations, Authorisation Regulations and Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations. Requirements for private electronic communications networks are stipulated in Chapter 9 of the Ecom Regulations.

Nkom monitors that electronic communications networks are constructed in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.