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The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) grants authorisation to install and maintain electronic communications networks. New Regulations on authorization for installation contractors performing installation and maintenance of electronic communications networks (Authorisation Regulations) entered into force on 1 January 2012.

The objective of the regulations is to ensure that electronic communications networks (ecom networks) are installed and maintained in such a manner that the requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), frequency use and quality are safeguarded. Part of the objective is also to ensure that personnel have the necessary qualifications.

Owners of ecom networks must use authorised business enterprise for the installation, maintenance and interconnection of electronic communications networks

When applying for authorisation, the stipulated form must be used.

Authorisation is linked to the organisation number and cannot be transferred.

The business enterprise must have a minimum of one full-time employee who meets the requirements in the regulations pertaining to training and practice for the qualified person.

Ecom networks authorisation

The qualified person must be able to document technical knowledge equivalent to that required when graduating from a 2-year technical college within education program electro with a specialization module in electronic communication subjects. One year of relevant practice must be documented with work references or a signed personal statement.

Qualifications acquired in another EEA state are assessed in compliance with the EEA Agreement Annex VII no. 1 on recognition of professional qualifications, cf. Directive 2005/36/EC Titles I, II, III Chapter I and IV Article 50 no. 1 and Article 51, Title V Article 56 no. 1 and 2 and appendix IV list I.

Cable TV installation contractor

The qualified person must be able to document expertise equivalent to the exam from the programme for Computer Electronics or Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance at upper secondary school. Additionally, a passed exam from a course in cable TV technology or equivalent theoretical knowledge must be documented.

One year of relevant practice must be documented with work references or a signed personal statement.

Administrative charges

Annual administrative charges must be paid in order to have authorisation, cf. the Regulations relating to administrative charges payable to the Norwegian Communications Authority.

Forms are in Norwegian only.