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Spectrum Roadmap

The Spectrum Roadmap published by the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom), presents Nkom’s strategic plan for the frequency bands for mobile communications in Norway.

The document includes information about Nkom’s assessments in regards to the upcoming awards and the introduction of next generation mobile networks (5G).

Nkom will use the Spectrum Roadmap in the assessment and management of future spectrum awards. Further assessments will also take into account national requirements and interests, identification and harmonization of frequency bands for mobile communications (IMT) internationally, standardization and availability of equipment (ecosystem).

The roadmap lists all frequency bands identified for mobile communication, their current usage and their anticipated future application. Information regarding these bands, including the awarding schedule, is made public to provide transparency and increased predictability for interested parties.

Please send any comments or general feedback regarding the contents of the Spectrum Roadmap to firmapost@nkom.no.

The Spectrum Roadmap is an English abstract of the “Frekvenskompass” (Norwegian only).



  • October 3rd 2019: English abstract of the 4th edition "Frekvenskompass" (Norwegian)
  • February 5th 2019: English abstract of the 2nd edition "Frekvenskompass" (Norwegian)