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Spectrum strategy

The Norwegian Communications Authority's (Nkom) spectrum strategy outlines how the frequencies shall be managed during the period the strategy applies for.

Nkom's principal objective for frequency management is to contribute to the efficient use of frequency resources to ensure the greatest possible compliance with the objective of the Electronic Communications Act. This entails that frequency management shall contribute to users obtaining access to goods and services that can be produced with the assistance of frequencies, at reasonable prices and based on competition between the providers. In addition, the frequency management shall facilitate business development and innovation. Nkom shall also actively monitor the use of the frequency resources such that these are, in practice, utilised in accordance with frequency licences.

The Norwegian Communications Authority's (Nkom) frequency management shall be organised in such a way that it provides the greatest possible benefit to society over time. Nkom believes that few restrictions, few administrative burdens, and intervention from the Authority only when necessary will help ensure that the use of radio frequencies provides the greatest possible benefit to society over time. The purpose of Nkom's frequency management is to define the framework conditions and otherwise minimise the burden for the industry by means of simple processes, easily accessible information and prompt allocation of frequencies. Nkom believes that this will lead to innovation and rapid introduction of new services, which are expected to provide significant social benefits..

The document on this page outlines Nkom's strategy for frequency management.