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Permission to use radio frequencies

Frequencies cannot be used in Norway without the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) or the Ministry of Transport and Communications having granted permission to do so. When allocating frequencies, efficient use of society’s resources through sustainable competition, free movement of services and harmonised use of the frequencies shall be taken into consideration.

A frequency licence is a right to use a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Frequency licences are granted either as general frequency licence or individual licence.

General and individual frequency licences

By general frequency licence is meant that frequencies can be used by anyone, based on the conditions stated in the Regulations concerning general authorisations for the use of radio frequencies. The Regulation is amended regularly in accordance with the European harmonized decisions and recommendations.

Nkom issues individual rights of use either as spectrum licences or as transmitter licences. Spectrum licences and/or transmitter licences must be applied for.

A transmitter licence is a right to use a radio frequency to transmit from a geographically defined transmission point.

Here you will find information about how to apply for a transmitter licence.

A spectrum licence is a right to use a defined part of the frequency spectrum in a geographically defined area, without it being specified where, in geographical terms, the radio transmitters are to be placed. More information about spectrum licences you will find here.

All individual frequency licences are subject to administrative charges, cf. Section 12-1 of the Electronic Communications Act. The basis for the calculation of administrative charges can be found in the Regulations relating to sector fees and administrative charges to the Norwegian Communications Authority.

Overview of the various frequency bands 

Nkom has prepared frequency overviews of available frequency bands. The overview of available frequency resources provides an indication of the part of the frequency band for which a spectrum licence can be applied for.

If there are no available frequencies on the frequency band in question, interested parties can alternatively:

  • contact holders of issued spectrum licences and attempt to hire, lease or purchase rights to use frequencies, 
  • send an application to Nkom for more restricted rights to use frequencies when issuing transmitter licences on other frequency bands where there is available capacity,
  • use frequencies that are not subject to individual allocation, so-called free use, cf. Regulations no. 77 of 19 January 2012 relating to general licences for the use of radio frequencies.