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Auction # 24 (900 MHz)

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) will award approximately 2 x 20 MHz in the 900 MHz band. The frequencies are currently assigned to TeliaSonera Norge AS and Telenor ASA. The licenses expire 31 December 2017. According to plan the auction will be conducted summer 2016.

Frequencies to be awarded

In Norway the 900 MHz band is allocated for the mobile service on a primary basis. You can find detailed information on spectrum allocations at http://frekvens.nkom.no.

The 900 MHz band consists in total of 2 x 35 MHz. The figure below shows the frequency blocks included in the auction. The two licenses with an expiration date of 31 December 2017 are currently held by TeliaSonera Norge AS (890,1-889,9 / 935,1-944,9 MHz) and Telenor ASA (904,9-915,0 / 949,9-960 MHz). Each license consists of approximately 2 x 10 MHz. The licenses expire 31 December 2017.

Overview of the main milestones in the award

Nkom started the work with the allocation of the 900 MHz band during the autumn 2014. After a public consultation the overall framework for the award was determined during the autumn 2015. A public consultation on the auction rules, including the annexes consisting of the registration form, the bank guarantee and the draft license (in Norwegian only) will be conducted from 15 January until 26 February 2016. The final auction rules will be decided after the consultation and will according to plan be published Medio April 2016. The registration for the auction will begin Medio April. The deadline for registration is 9 May 2016. According to plan the auction will begin 1 June 2016.

The overall framework for the award

The overall framework for the award was determined during the autumn 2015 after Nkom conducted a public consultation. The final overall framework is presented in the document "Overordnede rammer for tildelingen i 900 MHz-båndet" (In Norwegian only). The overall framework sets the regulations for among others, the reserve price, NOK 140m per 2x5 MHz, the spectrum cap, which is a cap of 2x20 MHz (four blocks including any existing holdings in the band) and the auction format, which is an open multiround auction format.

The milestones in the process in 2014-2015:



  • January 2015: Nkom assigned DotEcon Ltd to assist with developing the overall framework for the auction and provide the auction software.
  • May 2015: Nkom presented suggestions for the overall framework for SD
  • June 2015: SD approved the suggestions for the overall framework
  • From 9 June 2015 till 24 August 2015: A public consultation on the draft framework was conducted. Nkom’s proposals were presented and explained in the document “Høringsnotat – Overordnede rammer for 900 MHz-auksjonen” (In Norwegian only), dated 9 June 2015 
  • 16 October 2015: The final overall framework was published. Nkom have summarized the inputs from the public consultation and provided Nkom’s assessments on the inputs in the document “Vurderinger etter høring av overordnede rammer for tildelingen” (In Norwegian only) dated 16 October 2015

Preliminary timeline for 2016:

  • From 15 January 2016 till 26 February 2016: Public consultation on the draft auction rules 
  • Medio-April 2016: Publication of final auction rules and opening for registration
  • 9 May 2016: Registration deadline 
  • 1 June 2016: The auction begins

Nkom emphasize that this is a preliminary timeline and changes may occur. If Nkom sees the need to do changes in the timeline, it will be announced on the auction webpage (this page).


All enquiries concerning the auction shall be sent to 900mhz-auction@nkom.no with copy to esl@nkom.no.

The identity of the enquirer will not be made public. Questions and answers made available here is to be seen as known for the bidders.