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Auction #18 (2 GHz)

The auction in the frequency band 2 GHz was concluded 19 November 2012. TeliaSonera and Telenor won four frequency blocks each and Mobile Norway won one frequency block. All three operators now have the same amount of spectrum in 2 GHz.


In Norway the 2 GHz band (1920-1980 /2110-2170) is allocated for the mobile service on a primary basis and is mainly used to provide mobile broadband services (3G, HSPA, etc.). 


The 2 GHz auction was arranged 19 November 2012. The auction ended after one auction round and all nine blocks were sold at the reserve price of 5 million Norwegian kroner per block. TeliaSonera and Telenor each won four blocks and Mobile Norway won one block of spectrum. This result means that these three companies each have the same amount of spectrum in the 2 GHz band (approximately 2 x 20 MHz).

There were five registered bidders in the auction. Two of the bidders withdrew from the auction, and one of them did so only 24 minutes before the first auction round was about to start and after the auction process had started. No company could possess more than four blocks in the 2 GHz band (spectrum cap) and therefore the auction ended after one round.

Time schedule: 

  • 27 September 2012: Draft Auction rules for public consultation. Opening of period for auction registration. 
  • 22 October 2012: Deadline for registration and public consultation.
  • 5 November 2012: Publication of final auction rules
  • 13 November 2012: Test auction
  • 19 November 2012: Start of auction

Frequencies to be awarded

The figure below shows the frequency blocks included in the auction.


In total there are nine blocks available in the auction, two blocks consisting of 2 x 4.8 MHz and seven blocks consisting of 2 x 5.0 MHz.

The auction rules state how the frequency blocks will be made available in the auction. Related to this is also the letter to NPT from the Ministry of Transport and Communications dated 15 May 2012. This letter can be found here (in Norwegian). 

Auction rules

The auction rules which, amongst other things, give rules for registration and how the auction will be carried out, can be found here.

Public consultation

In the period between 27 September and 22 October 2012 NPT PT consulted on the draft auction rules. Changes made to the auction rules are described in a separate document (available in Norwegian only).