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Auction #14 (800/900/1800 MHz)

The auction was conducted 2 to 10 December 2013. TeliaSonera, Telenor and Telco Data won spectrum in the auction. TeliaSonera won the coverage block and are therefore obliged to undertake the coverage obligation to cover 98 % of the population within five years after the award with a service with an average downstream bitrate of 2 Mbit/s. Four bidders in total participated in the auction. The total revenue for all the spectrum amounts to 1 784 702 000 NOK.

The progress of the auction

The auction was conducted in 7 days. The bidding took place Day 1 and Day 6.

Day 1: Allocation phase (bidding).

Day 2: Bid guaranties submitted to the Ministry or NPT.

Day 3: External audit and check of guarantees.

Day 4: Winners from the allocation phase are notified.

Day 5: Winners are published.

Day 6: Assignment phase (bidding). External audit. Notification of winners.

Day 7: Final auction results published.


External audit

The consultancy firm Smith Institute has done an independent audit of the result of both phases of the auction and has verified that the results are consistent with the auction rules.

You can read the report from Smith Institute here.

Auction result

An overview of auction result is provided in the figures below. The blocks marked with an X were not a part of the auction. In total there was 2x30 MHz in the 800 MHz band, 2x15 MHz in the 900 MHz band and 2x55 MHz in the 1800 MHz band available in the auction. All blocks in the 800 MHz and the 900 MHz band was sold in the auction. Three blocks in the 1800 MHz band were not sold in the auction and is still available.



The bids in the auction were package bids. It is therefore not possible to state the price for each frequency band. The prices are a total price comprising of bids from first (allocation stage) and second phase (assignment stage) of the auction.


  • TeliaSonera – 626 700 000 NOK for the package of:
    • 2 x 10 MHz (coverage obligation) in the 800 MHz band
    • 2 x 5 MHz in the 900 MHz band
    • 2 x 10 MHz in the 1800 MHz band


  • Telenor – 453 002 000 NOK for the package of:
    • 2 x 10 MHz in the 800 MHz band
    • 2 x 5 MHz in the 900 MHz band
    • 2 x 10 MHz in the 1800 MHz band


  • Telco Data – 705 000 000  NOK for the package of:
    • 2 x 10 MHz in the 800 MHz band
    • 2 x 5.1 MHz in the 900 MHz band
    • 2 x 20 MHz in the 1800 MHz band

Final auction rules

The final auction rules were published 28 October 2013.

NPT consulted on draft auction rules for the 800, 900 and 1800 MHz auction in the period 14 August to 30 September 2013. Based on the consultation responses, NPT and the Ministry of Transport and Communications jointly present a document summarising assessments in Norwegian only, and updates to the rules.

After the consultation some changes and adjustments have been made to the draft auction rules and in the draft spectrum licences (with annexes). Changes have been clearly indicated in the documents. All of the documents are available on the Norwegian auction webpage . The final auction rules are available in English, the rest of the documents are in Norwegian only.

Public consultation 

Consultation on proposed auction rules

The proposed auction rules regulate the auction process, including the bidding process, determination of winners and prices they pay.

The overall framework of the auction has been decided by the Government and the Ministry and auction details under this framework are not open to consultation. The Government’s and the Ministry’s decisions on the auction framework are described in Section 1.2 of the auction rules.

Reserve prices within the auction are to be decided by the Ministry. It is expected that the Ministry will decide on reserve price levels in August, ahead of the consultation deadline (30 September 2013). When this decision has been made, reserve price levels will be announced on NPT’s webpage.

NPT is considering publishing the full auction data after the auction. Full auction data includes the identity of all bidders (including losing bidders) and the full set of bids submitted (including for each bid, details in relation to the amount of spectrum bid for and the bid amount). There is no precedent nor tradition in Norwegian spectrum auctions of making the identity and the bids of losing bidders public. However, NPT considers that doing so would promote transparency and objectivity in the auction but NPT is also mindful that bid data may contain information that is commercially sensitive to bidders. Therefore, NPT invites all interested parties to comment on whether the full auction bid data should be made public after the auction or to put forward alternative suggestions that would ensure transparency and objectivity in this auction.

Consultation on proposed 800 MHz licence terms

NPT has developed guidelines for coverage obligations and clarifications on certain terms of coexistence with the digital terrestrial network which will be a part of the conditions of the 800 MHz licences. NPT is now consulting on certain aspects of these proposals.

General licence terms

The licences have duration of 20 years. The licences will be subject to annual licence fees approximately 113 million NOK. The licences are valid from 1 January 2014.


Terms relating to coverage obligations

All licence holders in the 800 MHz band must cover 40 % of the Norwegian population within four years of the grant of the licence.

In addition, the government has decided that the winner of the 2x10 MHz block located in the middle of the 800 MHz band must achieve 98 % population coverage within five years of the grant of the licence.

The guidelines for the coverage obligations contain further details on these coverage obligations (in Norwegian only). Interested parties are welcome to comment on these proposals.

Terms relating to coexistence between LTE and DTT

NPT conducted a public consultation on the coexistence of the digital terrestrial and mobile broadband in the 800 MHz band between 8 December 2011 and 5 February 2012. After the consultation NPT prepared requirements dated 18 March 2013 that will facilitate coexistence between LTE and DTT.

NPT has clarified some of these requirements in more detail in a supplementary document (in Norwegian only). Interested parties are welcome to comment on these clarifications.

About the consultation

All interested parties are invited to submit their comments on these proposals prepared by NPT. Interested parties are also welcome to comment on other issues in relation to the 800, 900 and 1800 MHz auction than those referred to in these proposals.

Consultation responses can be sent by e-mail to 800-900-1800auction@npt.no or by mail to Post and Telecommunications Authority, PO Box 93, 4791 Lillesand.

Responses must be submitted prior to the deadline of Monday 30 September 2013.
NPT may publish the consultation responses it receives. Respondents are therefore asked to formulate responses in a manner that may be published publicly. That is, any confidential material in a response should be marked clearly as confidential.

General information

In September 2009 the Norwegian Government announced that the 800 MHz band shall be used for modern mobile communications services and mobile broadband throughout the country. 800MHz spectrum, commonly referred to as digital dividend, consists of frequencies freed up after transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting. The frequencies shall be awarded by auction. In the same auction process available frequencies in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands shall be awarded.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has tasked NPT to award frequencies in the 800, 900 and 1800 MHz bands by auction. In the national table of frequency allocation the frequencies are allocated to mobile services.

The entire 800 MHz band (791-821 / 832-862 MHz) shall be awarded in the auction. The government has decided to put coverage obligations on one coverage block in the 800 MHz band. The coverage obligations to cover 98 % of the population shall be fulfilled within five years after the award, and the service shall have an average downstream bitrate of 2 Mbit/s. 

or the 800 MHz band a spectrum cap of 2 x 10 MHz will apply. The spectrum cap might only be applicable to operators holding a large share of the resources in other relevant bands for mobile communications.
In the 900 MHz band (880-915 / 925-960 MHz) approximately 2 x 15 MHz shall be awarded in the auction. A general spectrum cap of 2 x 15 MHz will apply to the 900 MHz band.

In the 1800 MHz band (1710-1785 / 1805-1880 MHz) approximately 2 x 55 MHz shall be awarded in the auction. A general spectrum cap of 2 x 20 MHz will apply to the 1800 MHz band.

Tentative time schedule

It is important for NPT to highlight that the time schedule is tentative and that adjustments may be necessary. Any adjustments will be duly announced on the auction web page.

  • 19 June: Study about auction format shall be sent from NPT to the Ministry of Transport and Communications for approval
  • 19 August: Draft auction rules for public consultation
  • 30 September: Deadline for public consultation
  • 28 October: Publication of final auction rules and opening of the period for registration as bidder in the auction
  • 15 November: Deadline for registration as bidder in the auction
  • 2 December: Start of auction

Administrative charges

Reference is made to Section 12-1 of the Electronic Communications Act. The details of the charges and how they are calculated are laid down in Regulations on Administrative Charges Payable to Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.


  • All enquiries concerning the auction shall be sent to 800-900-1800auction@npt.no.
  • The identity of the enquirer will not be made public.
  • Questions and answers made available here is to be seen as known for the bidders.
  • Questions and answers will be published in Norwegian only.
  • Q & A (Norwegian only)