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Auction # 11 (23 GHz)

Auction number eleven was a sealed-bid, first-price auction where three frequency blocks in 23 GHz was auctioned off. Tele2 Norge AS won all three frequency blocks.

12 November 2008

End of auction 23 GHz

In the auction for frequency resources in the band 23 GHz, NPT has received a bid of NOK 400.000 for spectrum licence 1, NOK 4.000.000 for spectrum licence 2 and NOK 900.000 for spectrum licence 3 from Tele2 Norge AS. NPT also received one bid that was rejected due to lack of documentation and one bid that was rejected because it was not received within the deadline. The identity of the bidders whose bids were rejected will not be published.
The spectrum licences that will be awarded Tele2 Norge AS are technology and service neutral, tradable and expire 31 December 2022.

General information

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) has decided to award the frequencies in the band 22064 - 22204 and 23072 - 23212 MHz by auction. The spectrum licence will be assigned according to a sealed-bid, first-price auction. The available spectrum will be divided into three lots, where lot 1 and lot 2 will be 2 x 56 MHz and lot 3 will be 2 x 28 MHz. See figure 1 for illustration.


Figure 1 – division of the frequency band in three lots

The licences will be assigned to the bidder with the highest ranked bid in each lot, and the bidder shall pay the winning bid in full. The bidder can decide if he wants to bid on one, two or three lots.
Combinational bids, i.e. bids given with a condition on the outcome of another bid the bidder has given in the auction, are not allowed.

The spectrum licences will be assigned for use for terrestrial radio services on Norwegian land territory, except Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Norwegian dependencies, and they will be valid until 31 December 2022. The licences will be tradable, e.g. allowing regular sale, lease etc.

In line with the principle of technology neutrality, the licensees may select which technology to use in the frequency band.

Administrative charges

With reference to Section 12-1 of the Electronic Communications Act, the model for administrative charges is laid down in Regulation on Administrative Charges Payable to Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (in Norwegian only). Further information on administrative charges payable to the NPT can be found in the auction rules.

Auction Rules

The format and rules of the auction are published on this page. Information about documents which shall be submitted with bids can also be found in the auction rules. Please notice that the deadline for submitting bids is 12 November 2008 at 1300 CET.

Opening of bids

The bids will be opened at NPT in a meeting 12 November 2008, 1400 CET. The meeting is open to bidders and/or their representatives.