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The auction was conducted 2 to 10 December 2013. TeliaSonera, Telenor and Telco Data won spectrum in the auction. TeliaSonera won the coverage block and are therefore obliged to undertake the coverage obligation to cover 98 % of the population within five years after the award with a service with an average downstream bitrate of 2 Mbit/s. Four bidders in total participated in the auction. The total revenue for all the spectrum amounts to 1 784 702 000 NOK.
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The auction in the frequency band 2 GHz was concluded 19 November 2012. TeliaSonera and Telenor won four frequency blocks each and Mobile Norway won one frequency block. All three operators now have the same amount of spectrum in 2 GHz.
NPT decided to award vacant spectrum in the frequency bands 23, 28, 32 and 38 GHz by way of auction in 2012. Only two companies registered for the announced auction. NPT concluded that there were enough available spectrum for both companies.
Auction number thirteen was the first frequency auction in Norway that was carried out on a commercial auction web site. 2 x 30 MHz was vacant and two bidders participated. Broadnet Norge AS won the auction by a bid of 172 000 NOK.
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Auction number twelve was a sealed-bid, first-price auction. 10 MHz in the frequency band 1800 MHz was auctioned off. The frequency band was divided into two equal parts. The NPT only received one bid for one of the frequency licences. The licence was sold to iBand AS for 61 160 NOK.
Auction number eleven was a sealed-bid, first-price auction where three frequency blocks in 23 GHz was auctioned off. Tele2 Norge AS won all three frequency blocks.
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Auction number ten was a sealed-bid, first-price auction where 2 x 30 MHz in the frequency band 10 GHz was auctioned off. The NPT did not receive any bids in this auction.
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Auction number nine was a sealed-bid, first-price auction of frequency resources that was vacant after auction number eight. 10 MHz in region 2, 3 and 5 was auctioned off, and Hafslund Telekom AS won the auction.
Auction number eight was the second online frequency auction where simultaneous multiple bidding rounds were used in Norway. The auction format was the same as in auction number five, a so called "simultaneous multiple round auction with switching (SMRA)". Auction number eight was concluded after seven days of bidding.
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In Norway's seventh auction 22 MHz bandwidth in 2,3 GHz were auctioned off. The auction was carried out as an open ascending auction and the bids were submitted by encrypted e-mail. NextGenTel won the auction.