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If Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) assesses the demand for frequencies on one or more frequency bands and finds that there are grounds for using auctions, this will be published here. Auctions will be used as a means of deciding which of the applicants shall be issued frequency licences.

When Nkom receives an application for a spectrum licence, Nkom will provide notification of this on www.nkom.no and by news release. When publishing the received application, Nkom will set a deadline for other parties to apply for licences for the applicable frequencies. This deadline is normally three weeks.

If there are no competing applicants by the time the deadline has expired, the original applicant will normally be assigned the spectrum licence. If Nkom finds there are grounds for doing so, it can still be decided that the frequency licence will be awarded by way of auction.

The frequency manager (Nkom or the Ministry of Transport and Communications) will also be able to conduct auctions directly without having received applications for frequency licences.

Implementation of spectrum auctions

Basically the implementation of a spectrum auction follows a similar structure for each auction. Nkom will therefore follow a standard plan for awarding spectrum. Dependent on the complexity in the process the work with preparation and implementation should start at least 12-20 month prior to the actual award of the spectrum. Nkoms standard implementation plan is illustrated in the figure below.


To ensure a well prepared and transparent process for the industry and all involved parties the objective is that auctions of existing licences should be completed at least two years prior to the expiration date of the licence.

See planned and completed auctions.