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Licensing of satellite earth stations

Most satellite earth stations, especially those used for SNG in the Ku-band, are licence exempt in Norway. The text below gives short description of the license exempt conditions and how to apply for a license if you do not meet the license exempt conditions.

Satellite earth stations transmitting in the 14,0-14,5 GHz and 29,5-30 GHz bands with an EIRP ≤ 80 dBW are license exempt in Norway. In these cases no further information needs to be submitted to the Nkom and you can freely operate your satellite earth station in Norway.

If your earth station does not comply with the license exempt conditions, please provide the information outline below to firmapost@nkom.no.

Earth station
Position Longitude: DEG, E/W, MIN, SEC
Latitude: DEG, N/S, MIN, SEC
Period of operation From: DD.MM.YYYY
Antenna pointing Azimuth: DEG
Elevation: DEG

Transmission Carrier: MHZ
Bandwidth: KHZ/MHZ
Gain: DBI

Orbital location: DEG, E/W

If you need further clarification or have any questions, please direct them to firmapost@nkom.no.