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Prohibition against jammers

Jammers are devices, which intended to prevent radio equipment from receiving and transmitting the signals relevant to their function. Possession, placing on the market or use of jammers is in general prohibited in Norway.

Law No. 83/2003, of 1st. July 2003 about electronic communication paragraph 8-1 first section states that radio and terminal equipment covered by international agreements to which Norway is a party and that meet requirements pursuant to such agreements may be owned, placed on the market and used. Jammers are equipment that is regulated by international agreements, including the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU), to which Norway has joined through the EEA Agreement.

Jammers do not fulfil essential requirements in our regulations and therefore they cannot be legally placed on the market, possessed or brought into use1.

Anyone who possesses, places on the market or uses jammers may be imposed an infringement fine, punished with penalty or sent to prison for up to six months.

1 For the police, the Norwegian Armed Forces, the National Security Authority and the Norwegian Correctional Services there are other rules.