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Information about GNSS repeaters, including GPS repeaters

GNSS repeaters, also called GNSS amplifiers, contain radio transmitters. Use of such equipment require authorisation from the Norwegian Communication Authority (Nkom). Authorisation from Nkom must be obtained before the equipment is brought into use. The aim with such authorisation is to protect ordinary use of GNSS. The equipment shall be CE marked.

The use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS, has become widespread. The society have become more and more dependent on the navigational systems, and further the public also use the system to a greater extent - both in connection with work and for private use.

GNSS includes the satellite navigational systems GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (European) and Beidou (Chinese). A GNSS repeater is equipment with an outdoor installed antenna that receives the GNSS signals. These signals are carried with cable to indoor installed equipment that amplifies and re-radiate the signals. GNSS repeaters are usually used in garages where emergency vehicles are parked, in such a way that the GNSS equipment in these vehicles obtain right position without having to wait for the usual synchronization process. GNSS repeaters are also used in workshop halls and hangars where equipment that contains GNSS receivers is repaired and maintained.

Safe and reliable position determination by using GNSS is of great and increasing importance for the society. It is therefore important that reception of GNSS signal is not disturbed by other radio systems. GNSS repeaters may disturb the reception of GNSS signals if they are not properly constructed, or not installed as the manufacturers of the equipment prescribe.

Use of GNSS repeater requires authorisation from Nkom. Nkom will follow the recommendation of the document ECC RECOMMENDATION (10)02 when considering an application for frequency use of GNSS repeaters. It will only be given authorisation for use of stationary GNSS repeaters transmitting GNSS signals indoor.

GNSS repeaters shall be CE marked in accordance with the regulations of 15 April 2016 No. 377 on EEA requirements for radio equipment. These regulations introduce radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU in Norwegian law. CE mark is the manufacturers confirmation that the equipment is in accordance with European requirements, and this marking is a prerequisite for legal sales in Europe.

For GNSS repeaters the essential EMC requirements are given by the standards EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-3, and the essential requirements on effective use of frequency spectrum are given by standard EN 302 645.

The marketing and sale of GNSS repeaters shall be in accordance with the regulations of 15 April 2016 No. 377 on EEA requirements for radio equipment, and regulations of 15 March 2002 No. 276 on registration and requirements for the import and sale of radio, telecommunications terminal and network equipment (registration regulation). According to the registration regulations, companies that import GNSS repeaters shall be registered as a supplier at Nkom. Further the business that distributes GNSS repeaters without importing the equipment themselves shall be registered as retailer at Nkom.