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Boosters for mobile systems

Mobile boosters, also called mobile signal repeaters, use frequency resources that require licence to use. Use of mobile repeaters require licence from operators.

Operator’s permission to use the frequency spectrum is given in accordance with Electronic Communication Act section 6-2.

With marketing and sales of repeaters for mobile systems information shall be provided to the user about applicable user restrictions, cf. regulation about registration of tele equipment etc. section 5 and 6.

Suggestion on relevant information to give:

It is not allowed to use mobile repeaters without permission from relevant operators.

Mobile boosters, also called repeaters, use frequency resources that require permission to use. Operators hold these rights in frequency band for mobile telephone. According to the Act relating to electronic communications (The Electronic Communications Act) section 6-2, the frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum may not be used unless licensed by the Authority. Use of mobile boosters/repeaters require permission from the operators who hold the relevant licenses. He or she that intentional or negligently infringes this Section may impose an infringement fine or punished with fines or prison up to six months.

Installation of signal booster requires knowledge about frequency planning, radio measuring and adjustment of output effect in order to avoid disturbances for other radio users.

Mobile repeaters shall be CE marked in accordance with regulations on EEA requirements related to radio equipment.

Enterprise businesses that install signal boosters must have authorisation from Norwegian Communication Authority.