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Wireless cameras/Mobile video links

In program production the camera equipment is often set up for wireless video streaming. This is particularly the case with live TV broadcast and when news items is sent to be edited.

In the Free Use Regulations two frequency ranges have been allocated for this purpose. 2327 MHz and 2390 MHz. Details can be found in Section 17 of the Free Use Regulations.

In addition to this, Nkom has issued a number of frequency licences exclusively to players that regularly produce programmes of this type. Here it is possible for other players that require such frequency resources for temporary use to lease capacity in accordance with an agreement with the frequency holders. A method of finding necessary frequencies is to check the "tuning range" for the equipment that is to be used and to contact the frequency holder to obtain a frequency licence that best suits the frequency spectrum on the list of "Assigned frequency licences" on the right-hand side. Here you can also find a list of registered contact persons.