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Digital radio in Norway

The Storting (Norwegian Parliament) has decided that Norwegian radio shall be digitalized by radio listening being transferred from the FM network over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and other digital platforms. In Report no. 8 to the Storting requirements are listed that could result in the FM network being partly shut down in 2017.

Norway is in a transition from analogue FM radio to digital radio for all national channels and some local channels. Today most of the Norwegian population is able to listen to digital radio via the Norwegian DAB network. The commercial blocks have a combined digital coverage of 90% and NRK's radio service (public radio)has a digital coverage of more than 99%.
Applications can be submitted for a frequency licence and facility licence for the trial operation of digital local radio in local radio blocks with duration from 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2016.

Frequencies for DAB radio in Norway

In Norway we have four nationwide frequency levels allocated to digital radio.
The location of transmitters that are used on the DAB network can be viewed at finnsenderen.no.

Status for digital radio in Norway*

  • 64 % of radio listeners use digital radio daily
  • 40 % of listeners only use FM radio daily
  • 30 % of private cars are equipped with DAB radio
  • 57 % of all Norwegian households have at least one DAB radio.
  • 3.3 million DAB-radios in Norway

* Digital radio survey , Digitalradio Norge October 3.2016

More information about the radio swith-over: http://radio.no/category/artikler/english/