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Temporary licences for analog FM radio transmissions

Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) receives many inquiries from organisers of events who want a licence to transmit radio on the FM band with content especially targeted at the event's guests or the local population. Nkom has arranged for such licences to be issued and in many areas has allocated frequencies for this purpose. Temporary frequency licences are issued for the duration of the event, however not for more than one year at a time.

The administrative charges for the licence are the same as the annual rates for local radio and even though the temporary transmission licence only applies for a limited period of time, the full annual administrative charges must be paid to Nkom. For more information see Section 10 of the Regulations relating to administrative charges payable to the Norwegian Communications Authority.

Nkom recommends that applications for temporary licences are sent in sufficient time and no later than four weeks before the event is scheduled to start. To apply, complete our application form for the broadcasting network and application form for broadcasting. Links can be found on the right-hand side of the page. The application must be sent to firmapost@nkom.no or by mail.

We would note that the issuing of temporary transmission licences on the FM band presupposes that a short-term licence has been granted by the Norwegian Media Authority.