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FM radio in Norway

The 87.5 - 108 MHz frequency band is referred to as the "FM band". In the national frequency plan the FM band is planned for FM audio broadcasting with a radio system based on Recommendation BS.450 from ITU-R, and is popularly referred to as FM-radio.

There are five nationwide licences for FM radio in Norway. These are NRK's P1, P2 and P3 and the commercial national radio stations P4 and Radio Norge. Norway is also divided into 140 areas for local FM radio. In some of these areas there are resources for more than one transmitter network and there are a total of 178 transmitter networks distributed among the 140 areas. Finnsenderen.no provides an overview of where the FM transmitters are located.

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) issues frequency permits that grant the right to use specific frequencies on a transmitter network. The Norwegian Media Authority issues content licences that grant the right to transmit content on the transmitter network. In order to be able to transmit radio on a transmitter network it is therefore necessary to have both a content licence and a frequency licence. It is possible to apply for a frequency licence and accompanying content licence for available transmitter networks and for transmitter networks for which a temporary public radio licence has been issued. An overview has been prepared with detailed information about the local radio areas, transmitter networks and frequency holders which can be found on the menu to the right. For information concerning the application process, refer to the document entitled Procedure for applying for frequency licences 

In addition to the nationwide and local licences it is possible to apply for temporary FM licences for broadcasting in connection with time-limited arrangements. See more information about temporary applications for FM licences for arrangements.

Holders of frequency licences have to pay an annual frequency charge, cf. Section 12-1 of the Electronic Communications Act and the Regulations relating to administrative charges payable to the Norwegian Communications Authority.

Shut-down of the FM network in 2017

In Report no. 8 to the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), a number of shut-down conditions are defined that must be satisfied by 1 January 2015. The shut-down conditions were satisfied, and the nationwide and local FM transmissions will end during 2017. Exceptions are the smallest local radio stations, they will be allowed to continue broadcasting via the FM band after 2017.