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Postal services

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) pays particular attention to post operators, compliances of licence agreements and requirements for good customer service and complaint handling. Operators are required to have a free complaints arrangement for consumers. Consumers should feel heard and receive a reason for the result in their specific cases.

In addition, Nkom also strives to provide good information and advice with regard to general matters and inquiries within our area of responsibility. Our work consists of monitoring the postal market, ensuring that the postal operators have an adequate corporate governance and compliance with licenses.

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The Norwegian Communications Authority does not handle individual complaints from postal customers. For Norway Post customers, there are established complaint procedures as directed in Section 6.1 of the license agreement to ensure that consumer interests are properly maintained. These are extrajudicial arrangements that have the intention of making it cheaper and easier for customers to have their complaints handled.

For more information about the handling of complaints by Norway Post (Posten Norge AS) please see:


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