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International postal regulation

Postal regulations are largely based on EU Directives. Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) conducts extensive international cooperation in the postal sector.

EU Directive 97/67/EC “On common rules for the development of the internal market of Community postal services and the improvement of quality of service” (Postal Directive) was the first directive on postal services in the EU. A Directive amending the Postal Directive was adopted on 10 June 2002. These Directives were implemented into Norwegian law through amendments to the Postal Services Act in July 2003. A Directive amending the Postal Directive was adopted in 2008 (2008/6/EC). The Norwegian Postal Act, with entry into force 1st January 2016, implements Directive 2008/6/EC into Norwegian national law. You will find the European Commission’s website here.

The European Commission has established the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) which is a joint body for European postal regulators. Nkom participates in the ERGP in the capacity of observer. The ERGP aims to promote increased coordination and cooperation between national regulatory authorities and between these authorities and the Commission.

Nkom collaborates with Nordic sister organisations, among others, on issues of postal services regulation. (Click for more details about our sister organisations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland).

CERP is an organisation for regulatory bodies within the postal sector in all European countries. CERP has working groups which consider issues relating to economics, the standardisation of postal services, international postal regulation and other regulatory issues. They also establish project groups as required.

International cooperation and postal regulation is otherwise run by the UPU (Universal Postal Union). The UPU is an agency under the United Nations which was established in 1874 and has over 180 member countries. The UPU has its headquarters in Berne (Switzerland). The supreme body of the UPU is the Congress, which is held every four years.