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Information about Postal regulations

A new Postal legal Act entered into force 1st January 2016. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that users throughout the country receive access to good, future-oriented postal services, and equal provision of universal services at affordable prices through the efficient use of society's resources.

The Act covers regular distribution of registered and unregistered postal items in exchange for remuneration, as well as universal postal services. It also includes activities associated with such distribution, including infrastructure, services and equipment. The Act also applies to distribution of postal items to and from other countries. The distribution of unaddressed and own postal items fall outside the scope of the regulations.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications may enter into agreement with, or through an individual decision appoint, one or more universal service providers. Posten Norge AS is currently appointed as a designated operator through agreement. The Ministry may also appoint an operator responsible for the delivery of newspapers on Saturday in specific areas. Easy2You – Logistikk og Transport AS is currently appointed this contract from 10th November 2018.

Postal service providers are obliged to register with the Norwegian Communications Authority. The providers have to comply with requirements laid down in or pursuant to the Postal Act and Regulations, e.g. to report annually to Nkom, and to make information concerning delivery terms and conditions available on their website. The Postal Act and Regulations also have provisions related to handling and storage to prevent loss and damage to postal items.