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Stronger protection against manipulated telephone calls

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) and the telecommunications industry in Norway want to make it more difficult to manipulate caller or SMS sender ID. An industry standard is now being introduced to provide guidelines for number display/Caller Line Identification (CLI).

NPT and market players have, through the national Working Group on Numbering, drafted the industry standard “Guidelines for Caller Line Identification”.

The background to the work is that different technologies are making it easier to display manipulated or incorrect caller or sender IDs. This applies to both SMS and voice calls. In some instances, it is difficult for the person receiving the call/SMS to identify the originator. Even though NPT and the industry acknowledge that there are challenges involved in limiting manipulation, they still want to collaborate to reduce the problems.

- It is very good that the industry and NPT are in agreement regarding this standard. Trust in the addresses used in electronic communication and knowing who is hiding behind them is an important condition in the contact between people in the modern society, says NPT Director General Torstein Olsen.

NPT and the industry want to evaluate the measures and provisions of the industry standard within the Working Group.
Accordingly, the industry standard will be revised if necessary.