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Assignment and use of numbers for land mobile services

On 22 September 2014, the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) sent out a consultation regarding the assignment and use of numbers for land mobile services in order to receive views and input from affected actors about the preliminary assessments that had been made, and other related issues. The consultation deadline was 20 October 2014, and Nkom received 13 responses.

Based on the consultation and the responses received, Nkom has identified some principles applicable to assignment and use of mobile numbers for mVoIP and other new services.

Consultation regarding assignment and use of mobile numbers (Norwegian only).

Nkom will be able to assign and allow the use of eight-digit mobile numbers for offers of mVoIP services if these can be considered as full mobile telephone services. In order to be considered a full mobile telephone service, the service overall must be able to offer 

  • incoming and outgoing voice services using numbers from the national number plan,
  • ordinary SMS functionality and
  • data services.

Nkom has previously been reluctant to assign mobile numbers to such services as several regulatory issues have been inconclusive. The question of whether new types of mobile-related services are to be assigned and be permitted to use mobile numbers raises several issues, including those related to the degree of similarity/interchangeability with ordinary mobile telephony (service, coverage, handover), equal treatment of different operators and numbering plan management.

Nkom is to ensure an efficient and resource-conserving administration that gives operators equal and necessary access to appropriate number resources. Nkom's policy is not meant to hinder the development of services, but must at the same time ensure that important considerations are attended to. Mobile numbers are a very limited resource, and it is therefore especially important that this resource is administered in a sustainable manner.

The document “Assignment and use of mobile numbers” (PDF) provides principles that will apply to the assignment and use of mobile numbers. The principles apply to number series that Nkom assigns directly to operators and also numbers ported from other providers.