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Geographic portability of numbers in the fixed network

In 2007, the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) introduced the possibility of porting geographic numbers across county boundaries. The scheme is voluntary, and the opening up of geographic portability was introduced after consultation and discussions with telecommunications providers.

In accordance with Sections 4 and 16 of the Regulation of 16 February 2004 on Numbering Resources for Electronic Communications Networks and Services (Numbering Regulation), Nkom determines and administers numbering plans for telephony, etc. (E.164). Norway has a breakdown by county of the geographic numbers in the numbering plan. Section 16 of the Numbering Regulation shows the overall structure of the numbering plan, while the numbering plan itself contains the county subdivisions. With the introduction of the geographic portability scheme in 2007, Nkom changed the numbering plan so that a geographic number that is already in use can be ported to another county.

This voluntary introduction did not require any change to the Numbering Regulation, but regulatory changes will be required if the introduction is made compulsory at a later date. In the first instance, a simple and not very time-consuming system has been introduced, and it is up to the individual providers to decide whether they want to offer geographic portability to their customers. Number series will continue to be allocated in accordance with the county subdivisions and will have to be implemented as before.

It is assumed that those providers offering geographic portability will still meet all the other requirements of the regulations.

Nkom has not made any changes to the allocation policy for numbering resources in connection with geographic porting. It has maintained county subdivisions in the numbering plan and numbering resources no longer in use will be transferred back to the original county and the original provider.