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Numbering Working Group

Norwegian Communications Authority's (Nkom) national working group for numbering issues was established in June 1997 as a voluntary, open forum for operators and authorities. The purpose of the working group is to discuss the numbering issues of interest to operators and authorities, in particular with regard to number portability and carrier selection. Other important issues related to number use and numbering plan management are also discussed in the group.

An important part of the work of the Numbering Working Group is to exchange experiences and views, and to seek to establish, as far as possible, a common view on the issues discussed in the group. Nkom will seek to add weight to the recommendations of the working group in its further regulatory and supervisory work in the areas concerned.

Issues discussed in the group include:

  • number portability for mobile numbers, location-independent and geographic numbers – technical and administrative solutions
  • carrier selection, using a prefix or through pre-selection
  • administrative and technical issues relating to number use and numbering plan management

The Numbering Group identifies, describes and defines the limits of issues of importance within relevant areas. The group also drafts documentation and possible solutions and makes recommendations.

If necessary, subgroups are set up to deal with specific issues. Examples of such issues include improving the efficiency of number use and administrative procedures for the effective handling of number portability.

Nkom encourages all operators and authorities with an interest in numbering issues to get involved in this work. If you have questions regarding the working group, or if you want to be included on the group’s e-mail mailing list, please contact us at firmapost@nkom.no or by telephone.