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Number for premium rate services and SMS-based services

You can receive premium rate content services via telephone number ranges that start with 820 and 829 and via 4 and 5 digit short numbers for SMS-based services. Directory enquiry services at 18xx are also premium rate services.

Premium rate services

The number ranges starting with 820 and 829 are allocated to premium rate services.. The 820 series is used for practical services while the 829 series is used for entertainment services. Nkom assigns 820 and 829 number to telecommunications providers, not directly to the content providers. Content providers that wish to offer premium rate services on 820- or 829-numbers must contact a provider that has been assigned one of these numbers by Nkom and that supports the service provision for these types of solutions.

SMS-based content services

Nkom does not administer or assign short numbers for SMS-based services.  The 4 and 5 digit numbers that are used for such services are jointly administered by the owners of the mobile networks.

In principle, SMS numbers can be used in parallel by the network owners and the same SMS number could therefore have different content services. However, the owners of the mobile networks in Norway coordinate the issuing of numbers in such a way that the content providers are assigned the same SMS number on all networks. In this way the content providers can offer the same services to all end users via the same number.

Any questions relating to the assigning, prices and holders of certain numbers or the like can be directed to the owners of mobile networks.

You can find information about content providers and the SMS numbers they use here: http://02139.no/