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Find the provider

Do you want to know which provider is operating a number?

Enter the number, for example 420 00 000:

It is only possible to search for individual numbers. Only information on which provider is operating a number is given, and no personal information is given through this service.

The result may be misleading

If a provider has subsidiaries or brands, the provider search service may give the parent company as a search result, even though the subscription exists with a subsidiary or brand with a different name. For example, Telia Norge AS will be shown as a search result even though the subscription exists with Chess.

A provider may also have resellers, where the subscriber is a customer with the reseller which operates the number. Some of the resellers will be shown in brackets in the search result. As an example, if "Kvantel AS (Phonect AS)"" is shown as a result, then Phonect AS will be the provider operating the number.