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8-digit and 12-digit number series

Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) may assign 8-digit and 12-digit number series to providers of public electronic communications networks and services on application. Providers may then assign these numbers to end users and other providers.

Applications for numbering resources must include information about the following, among other things:

  1. the name, address and organisation number of the applicant, and the name, telephone number and e-mail addresses of a contact person
  2. the numbering resource applied for
  3. a description of the service for which the numbering resource will be used
  4. the documentation of resource requirements
  5. the planned launch date for the service
  6. the provider code to which the numbering resources applied for are to be assigned.

Mandatory numbering plans must be used if numbering resources from these are used to provide access to electronic communications networks and services. The numbering resources must be used in an effective manner.

For more information, please contact us by telephone on +47 22 82 46 00 or by e-mail to firmapost@nkom.no.