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6-digit EEA-harmonised numbers (116xxx)

The 6-digit telephone number series from 116 000 to 116 999 has been set aside for certain services of social value in EU/EEA countries. Numbers are assigned in each individual EU/EEA country, where Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) assigns the numbers in Norway. This means that those who are assigned numbers in Norway must conduct their activities here. Numbers can be assigned to both the public sector and private operators/bodies.

The services that use numbers from this series must meet a specific need in society. They must contribute to the welfare and safety of citizens, or address particular population groups or citizens in difficulty. More specific requirements will also be stipulated for services that are permitted to use the numbers from this series.

The following numbers have so far been allocated:

  • 116 000 the missing children hotline (not assigned - applications may be submitted)
  • 116 006 the helpline for victims of crime (assigned)
  • 116 111 the children’s helpline (assigned)
  • 116 117 for non-emergency medical on-call services (assigned)
  • 116 123 the emotional support helpline (assigned)

The services must be free to the caller from both fixed and mobile networks. It is the recipient who will pay for calls from both fixed and mobile networks.

Applications may be submitted on the numbers that are not assigned.  

For more information, please contact us by telephone on +47 22 82 46 00 or by e-mail to firmapost@nkom.no.