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5-digit numbers (02000-09999)

In the Norwegian numbering plan, 5-digit non-geographical telephone numbers in the series 02000-09999 are assigned individually to end users directly on application. Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) publishes a list of the status of all 5-digit numbers.

Applications for 5-digit numbers will be processed in the order in which Nkom receives them and will be processed as quickly as possible, no later than three weeks after a correct and complete application has been received.
The 5-digit numbers are divided into six price categories. The annual payment for a 5-digit number consists of both a tax element and a fee element. Where the number is to be returned to Nkom, this must be done in writing before 31 December of the current year in order to avoid payment for the following year.

Special restrictions will apply to the use of 5-digit numbers that are assigned for non-commercial purposes of a socially beneficial nature. Pursuant to Section 22 of the Numbering Regulation, the following, among others, represent non-commercial purposes of social significance:

  1. nationwide emergency and contact phone numbers,
  2. nationwide public services,
  3. nationwide numbers for humanitarian/non-profit organisations, or
  4. common nationwide numbers for public on-call doctors, hospitals, the police or similar for use in non-emergency situations

5-digit numbers for non-commercial purposes of social significance can only be assigned from the numbers in the lowest price category (category F), and will pay a lower annual sum. 

Calls to 5-digit numbers in Norway from abroad can be problematic from some countries. This is because some foreign network operators have not set up for calls to Norwegian 5-digit telephone numbers. Unfortunately there is no overview available of the countries and providers for which this is an issue. For information about any problems relating to calls to 5-digit numbers, please contact the individual Norwegian provider.

For more information, please contact us by telephone on +47 22 82 46 00 or by e-mail to firmapost@nkom.no.