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List of radio amateurs with Norwegian amateur radio licences

Amateur Radio Licences are issued by the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) after passing a test that are prepared and graded by the Nkom. Regulations on amateur radio license regulate the allocation of radio frequencies and radio equipment used for amateur radio operations.

There are about 6100 licensed radio amateurs in Norway. The list, which is sorted by call sign, displays call sign, name, address and city. Some licensees have reserved themselves against being listed with name, address and town, and in these cases you will only find the call sign in the list.

A Radio Amateur License makes it possible to contact other radio amateurs worldwide, through use of a radio transmitter and a receiver.

To be assigned a Radio Amateur License the applicant must pass a test that are issued and graded by the Nkom. After passing this test, the applicant will be given a license with a personal call sign. The two first letters in the call sign shows that it is assigned in Norway.