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Section for Frequency Monitoring

The Section for Frequency Monitoring consists of 22 employees with the entire country as their field of work. The Section for Frequency Monitoring has offices throughout all of Norway and its head office is in Lillesand.

In addition to the planned supervisory work, the Section also services a number of requests from users and operators of electronic communication and broadcasting.

In order to ensure that systems and equipment can function as intended, Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) monitors that issued frequencies are free from interference and disturbances and are used in accordance with licences. 

The Section for Frequency Monitoring typically works with tasks like measurements of electromagnetic fields, handling of interference between services, locating electromagnetic disturbances and identifying problems with user equipment. Much of the work results in further monitoring with inspections and subsequent case handling. 

The information Nkom obtains access to through the work of the Section for Frequency Monitoring provides valuable information for the administration and contributes to solve various problems among the frequency users because disturbances can be identified and removed. 

Many different types of systems and equipment use frequencies. Examples of this are: 

  • communications for the Police and Armed Forces
  • broadcasting
  • aircraft radio
  • ambulance communications
  • cable TV network
  • fixed services
  • radars
  • toll rings
  • car door openers
  • mobile phones, cordless phones etc.

Disturbances can be due to the impact from equivalent or other electrical and electronic equipment.

If the public experience disturbances in radio communications, telecommunications equipment, television or radio, the Section for Frequency Monitoring can be contacted at one of the district offices.

Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet (Nkom)