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Are you entitled to broadband?

Telenor owns the copper network ("telephone network") in Norway and has a duty to supply telephone connections to homes and businesses.

This duty does not apply to other products such as, for example, broadband, for either Telenor or other providers. However, Telenor can produce voice services on alternative technologies for the normal copper wire. You are therefore not entitled to have broadband connected to your home or business.

Several alternatives to broadband

Check Telepriser.no for whether providers can offer ADSL or other types of broadband if you receive a negative response from a provider. Many providers also sell broadband via technologies other than normal telephone cable. Examples are via cable TV network, fibre cable, mobile broadband or satellite. These types of technologies can have coverage in areas whether ADSL has not been installed.

Therefore, please check Telepriser.no to find out who can supply to your county and contact the provider to determine whether your specific residential area can receive broadband.