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Nettfart.no (network speed) is a website where you can measure the capacity of your broadband line and learn more about broadband. The website is visited about 100,000 times every month.

Nettfart.no is owned by the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) which monitors the electronic communications sector in Norway. This entails that we, among other things, monitor the companies that sell broadband, telephony etc.

With Nettfart.no you can measure your broadband line and compare the results with other measurements of the same subscription that you have. Nettfart.no is not intended to recommend or advise against specific services or companies.

To obtain a correct result it is important that you carry out the measurements correctly and remove as many sources of error as possible. You can review the check-list at Nettfart.no here. If after having removed all sources of error you are still of the view that your line does not perform as expected, you must contact your provider if you wish to submit a complaint.

When you measure with Nettfart.no, the service uses your IP address to ascertain what provider you use. The service will also attempt to determine the county you are measuring from. As soon as this information is clear, the IP address is deleted and no information about you will be stored.

Do you have any questions about Nettfart.no? Feel free to contact us at nettfart@nkom.no.