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About Finnsenderen.no

Finnsenderen is a search service that provides an overview of mobile masts in Norway, where they are located and which companies own and manage them.

The service also includes an overview of radio and TV transmitters, the location of these and the channels, frequencies and power they use.

A separate radiation calculator is part of the service. With this you can see the power of different antennas etc., calculated based on your location.

Finnsenderen also has a tool for finding available frequencies for wireless microphones.

This tool provides an overview of available channels and frequencies that can be used for wireless microphones throughout Norway.

At finnsenderen you can search for the county, municipality or address.

The location of the transmitters on the map will normally have an accuracy of 0-30 metres from the actual position.

By clicking on the "wireless microphones" button you open up a menu adapted to searches for available frequencies.